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Gateways to Health.

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Arthritis: Jean talks on the phone about her arthritis.
Bad Back: Ben talks to his friend Mark about his bad back.
Bloated: Rebecca talks to her friend Sarah about feeling bloated.
Cholesterol: Joan talks to her daughter Claire about cholesterol.
Crying Baby: Jess talks to her baby Laura about her crying.
Discharge: Alice talks to her friend Laura about her vaginal discharge.
Drugs: Mr Brown talks to his wife Mrs Brown about their son Chris's drug problem.
Hot Flushes: Em talks to her friend Sue about hot flushes.
Incontinence: Mary talks about her incontinence.
Indigestion: Sue talks to her husband Steve about her indigestion.
Sick Child: Sarah talks to her mum about her sick child.
Smokers Cough: Paul talks to his wife Helen about his smoker's cough.
Toothache: Tony talks to Brenda about his toothache.